Subaru’s Next-Generation Forester with SHEV Powertrain Expected in 2024



Next-Generation Forester Expected to Feature New Powertrain in 2024

The final annual update for the current Forester (SK series) is scheduled for summer 2023. Following this, the next-generation Forester is expected to be released in 2024, featuring an all-new powertrain.



While Subaru has received technical support from Toyota on THS technology, the company is independently developing its own Strong Hybrid Electric Vehicle (SHEV) based on its horizontally-opposed engine.



The next-generation Forester is anticipated to be the first model to showcase this unique SHEV technology, which utilizes the horizontally-opposed engine and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive to significantly improve fuel efficiency.


The global debut of the next-generation Forester is expected to take place in North America, where it is the flagship market for the vehicle. In Japan, the “Japan Mobility Show” is slated for October 2023, serving as the successor to the “Tokyo Motor Show.” At this event, some information regarding the technology or design of the next-generation Forester is expected to be announced.

Quick Summary: All-New Forester Model Overview

Subaru Unveils Electrification Roadmap for 2030; SHEV to Debut in 2023-2024 Alongside Next-Generation Forester

スバル 電動化 ロードマップ 2020年発表

Subaru announced its electrification roadmap for 2030 on January 20, 2020. According to Subaru’s roadmap unveiled in January 2020, the SHEV is planned for introduction between 2023 and 2024, coinciding with the anticipated release of the next-generation Forester.

スバル ストロングハイブリッド

The system overview of SHEV has also been released, confirming that a 4-cylinder horizontally opposed engine will be adopted as the main unit. Additionally, the Symmetrical AWD technology is expected to be retained.

Quick Summary: All-New Forester Model Overview

Subaru’s New Design Concept Expected – A Refreshed Exterior for the Forester

スバル フォレスター

Forester pre-facelift

In the 2021 facelift of the Forester, the design concept was changed from the previous “Dynamic × Solid” to the latest “BOLDER”.

FORESTER Advance 3

Forester facelift

However, changes to the exterior panels have been limited, and the design of the current Forester combines both “Dynamic×Solid” and “BOLDER” elements. The next-generation Forester is expected to fully embrace the new design concept, with high expectations for its exterior as well.

Anticipating Upgraded Equipment, Interior, and Technology in the Next-Generation Forester

One of the anticipated features in the next-generation Forester is the “11.6-inch center information display.”

レガシィ アウトバック 11.6インチセンターインフォメーションディスプレイ

The 11.6-inch center information display featured in the Outback.

The large vertical display navigation system, used in the Levorg, Outback, and Crosstrek’s center panel, has become a popular feature. It is not currently implemented in the current Forester, but it is expected to be included in the next-generation model.

Quick Summary: All-New Forester Model Overview

Next-Generation Forester Requires Strong Hybrid to Comply with CAFE Regulations; BEV or e-BOXER Alone Insufficient

The next-generation Forester is set to significantly improve its environmental performance with the introduction of the SHEV, but Subaru plans to continue selling conventional gasoline engine models with gradually updated horizontally-opposed engines.



In 2022, a new Crosstrek model was introduced, featuring the existing e-BOXER engine, which was also incorporated into the Japanese version and other regional models

CB18型 エンジン


However, as the e-BOXER is a mild hybrid, its potential to improve environmental performance is limited even with an electrified powertrain. Therefore, a strong hybrid is necessary to comply with CAFE regulations. Subaru already sells the BEV “Solterra,” but its sales volume is expected to be limited.

Relying solely on these existing electrification technologies will make it difficult to comply with the increasingly strict CAFE regulations in various countries. Integrating the SHEV technology into the next-generation Forester, Subaru’s best-selling model, is a realistic solution.

Quick Summary: All-New Forester Model Overview

Subaru’s Electrification Efforts: Solterra BEV Launch and Future Plans

In April 2022, Subaru released the Solterra, their first BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle), marking a significant milestone in their electrification efforts.

ソルテラ STI コンセプト


However, aside from the Solterra, there have been no announcements regarding other BEV models. Subaru’s electrification is expected to focus on hybrids for the time being, meaning that the horizontally opposed engine is expected to continue to be used for some time.
Subaru’s goal for electrification is to achieve a sales ratio of 40% or more for electric vehicles (BEVs + hybrid vehicles) by 2030, and to aim for 100% electrification in the early 2030s.